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Workplace Sexual Harassment Remains a Serious Problem 

Unfortunately, sexual harassment remains a serious problem in workplaces in the Inland Empire, California, and throughout the United States. According to data cited by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSRVC), 44% of women and 19% of men report that they have personally experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. There are concerns that the issue may be even more pervasive than that as sexual harassment is chronically underreported. 

An Overview of California Sexual Harassment Laws

There are state and federal employment laws in place that are designed to protect workers against sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is, by definition, a form of gender-based discrimination. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (federal law) and the California Fair Housing and Employment Act (FEHA) prohibit sex-based harassment. An employee who cannot enjoy a safe and comfortable workplace environment due to sexual harassment has been denied a fair and equitable opportunity to succeed based on their gender. 

Understanding the Two Different Forms of Workplace Sexual Harassment 

What constitutes sexual harassment depends on several factors. There are two separate forms of workplace sexual harassment. If you work in Orange County, Riverside County, or San Bernardino County, you may have the right to file a sexual harassment claim on the following grounds: 

  • Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment: Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when an employee is offered a reward or threatened with punishment in exchange for sexual favors. In most cases, the perpetrator of this type of sexual harassment is a business owner, executive, or another type of supervisory employee.  
  • Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment: Hostile work environment sexual harassment occurs when an employee is made to feel unwelcome, uncomfortable, or unsafe on the basis of sex. A work environment is hostile when sexual harassment is so severe or so pervasive that it would interfere with an ordinary person’s ability to do their job. 

Within these two broad categories, sexual harassment can take many specific forms. A manager requesting sexual favors from an employee in exchange for a promotion is sexual harassment. Co-workers repeatedly telling sexually offensive jokes after being asked to stop could also constitute sexual harassment.  

California Employers Have a Proactive Duty to Prevent Sexual Harassment

In California, employers have a proactive duty to ensure that their work environment is safe and free from unwanted sexual harassment. Indeed, California even imposes certain anti-sexual harassment training requirements on employers. Businesses and organizations in the Inland Empire are not only responsible for the conduct of their supervisory employees. Employers must take the proper steps to prevent and address sexual harassment committed by managers, co-workers, and customers/clients. 

What to Do If You Were a Victim of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 

If you were the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace in the Inland Empire, it is imperative that you take immediate action to protect your health, well-being, and legal rights. Every employee deserves better. Here are four steps to take if you were a victim of sexual harassment on the job in California: 

  1. Tell the harasser to stop (If you feel comfortable doing so): You have the right to tell the harasser(s) to stop. Generally, this is the first step in addressing sexual harassment—but only if you feel safe and comfortable doing so. 
  2. Report the sexual harassment to the supervisor or HR department: You have the right to report sexual harassment without the fear of retribution from your employer. Title VII and FEHA both bar retaliation against employees who report sexual harassment. Report the incident to your manager or to Human Resources (HR).
  3. Document the sexual harassment you endured: To the best extent that you can, try to document the sexual harassment you endured. This starts with writing down exactly what happened. Additionally, preserve other evidence—proof of transmittal, such as emails, text messages, phone call logs, and contact information for witnesses. 
  4. Consult with a California workplace sexual harassment lawyer: You do not have to go up against an employer alone. Protect your rights: Speak to an experienced California sexual harassment attorney as soon as possible. 

How Inland Empire Employee Rights Lawyer Joseph E. Richards Can Help

No employee should ever have to endure harassment in the workplace. Dealing with sexual harassment can be challenging—whether it is coming from a business owner, supervisor, co-worker, or client/customer. Our founding attorney Joseph E. Richards is an employee rights advocate with the skills and experience to handle workplace sexual harassment claims. We will take action to protect a client’s rights. Among other things, our California workplace sexual harassment lawyer can: 

  • Conduct a comprehensive, confidential review and evaluation of your case 
  • Explain a client’s legal rights and legal options under state and federal sexual harassment law
  • Investigate the incident—documenting the harassment and building a client’s case
  • Take whatever legal action is required to protect a client’s safety, a client’s rights, and a client’s interests 

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